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         Seminars and Casting Schedule 2018

March 22-24


Thursday – March 22



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Catching All the Fishes: Adapting Tenkara for Multi-species Fishing in Midwestern Waters. The talk will explain how a basic selection of fixed-line rods and simple flies are used to catch many different species in typical Midwestern ponds, creeks and lakes. page1image3708496

Alan Luecke


Tenkara - An introduction to the simple Japanese method of fly-fishing that uses only a rod, line and fly (no reel). Presented by Daniel Galhardo, the person who introduced tenkara to the US and author of “tenkara - the book", this presentation will cover the techniques used in this very effective method of fly-fishing as well as its history, equipment and philosophy.

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Daniel Galhardo


Tenkara Rod Nymphing

The long tenkara rods and light tenkara line can be used as extremely effective nymphing tools for trout in moving water. This program will discuss problems of nymphing and demonstrate how using tenkara gear can be a simple, effective and fun way to overcome these problems.

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Anthony Naples


Friday – March 23


Tenkara Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Rivers, Creeks and Streams

Four keys to successful fly fishing for smallmouth bass in “Midwestern” rivers, creeks and streams. 1.) identify and understand the Magic Zones* – a 360- degree livable space of water, 2.) slow your pace and fish these Magic Zones carefully – not seeking to cover water, 3.) discover Magic Zone contours with your feet, and most importantly, 4.) wade, cast and fish downstream 95% of the time.

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Bob Long


When, Where and How to Fish the White and North Fork

Rivers: For those new to the rivers as well as experienced local anglers. Emphasis on water safety, the most productive spots to fish and wade and the most productive techniques including fly selection and rigging.

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John Berry


Macro Invertebrate

 A program on aquatic entomology and the flies used to imitate the natural insects. Understanding the life stages of the natural insect, where in the water column they are found, and how they act will help the fly angler understand how to fish  the artificial fly improving their presentation.

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Mark Van Patten


An Introduction to Keiryu Fishing

At first glance, keiryu fishing is somewhat similar totenkara. It uses a long rod with the line tied to the rod tip and wasdeveloped for trout fishing in Japanese mountain streams. In Japan it isstrictly bait fishing, but the rods, lines, rigging   and techniques areperfectly suited to fishing artificial nymphs instead of live nymphs, orSan Juan worms instead of real worms. Because the rods tend to be muchlonger than tenkara  rods and are designed to be fished with split shot,Keiryu fishing is probably better than tenkara for fishing larger rivers
like the White and Norfork.

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Chris Stewart


Saturday – March 24


Exploring Tenkara in the US

The presentation will examine the origins of the style and discuss the unique characteristics of Tenkara equipment. We will detail rods, lines, and flies that are commonly used by Tenkara anglers. Additionally, we will discuss how tenkara is being adapted to different environments and species here in the US!"

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Matt Sment


Small Mouth Fishing on Crooked Creek and the Buffalo River

Duane Hada


Nationally recognized artist, fly fishing instructor and guide will share his experiences of fishing for small mouth on the Buffalo River and Crooked Creek. Duane has fished these waters all his life and will discuss smallmouth habitat, techniques, and foods in Crooked Creek and the Buffalo River. Participants will learn about gear, rigging, reading water, and seasons and Duane will also demonstrate tying several of his best small mouth fly patterns.


Fishing the White River System

Going with the Flow: How to get the best out of the White River system and dealing with the varying flows.

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Steve Dally


Simple Flies 

The author of the book “Simple Flies” will discuss how tying and fishing simple flies can be so effective.

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Morgan Lyle


Casting Classes


Friday – March 23


Intermediate Level Fly Casting

This class is designed for the fly caster who wants to fine tune their existing cast and correct any troublesome faults.

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Lori Sloas


Tenkara Casting

Tenkara places more emphasis on technique rather than gear. Tenkara fishing can be seen as a streamlined counterpart to western fly-fishing. The equipment is designed to direct focus to the actual fishing and catching of the fish, not to cause a major preoccupation with the equipment. Only a rod, tenkara line and fly are necessary for tenkara fishing (no reel is used).


Misako Ishimura & Chuck Kaminski


Saturday – March 24

Fly Casting for Beginners

This class is designed for beginner to novice casters. A simplified approach to fly casting to enable students to make a basic cast. I will explain forming loops, tailing loops and how to avoid them, and the importance of stopping the rod. Will also talk about fly rod selection. This class is designed for beginner to novice casters.

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Lori Sloas